Architect at Large

Architect at Large

Collaborator at Heart

That’s me. Or rather it is a snapshot photo of me in early 2018. I’ve aged a little since then, as seems to happen, slowly, but daily, and for me, since the very early 1980s.

Born of England, ancestry from Europe and a descendant of Earth,  I have mostly loitered with intent around the slightly West of the Middle-lands, in the cradle of industry known as the Black Country. Birmingham may have been the city of a thousand trades,but the Black Country was where it was taken, roasted in a furnace then beaten into submission.
I did once live in Bristol for a few years, but left before I picked up a funny accent.
I have travelled far, but not that wide.  My journey north has limited itself to Glasgow, Scotland, but South to the Falkland Islands. East has been Egypt and West Florida in the good old US OF A.
I maintain a small herd of cats, in case there is a mousal uprising centred on my property.  I also maintain a not too inconsequential beard in case of a sudden ice-age. 

I write short unconsidered comments about my life experiences.  Sometimes I write more rambling musings about the things I learn.

My job involves taking people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations, and trying to align them with the cold copper and silicone logic of computers, to weave a story of the little project that could.  I currently work as a Platform Architect and technical head of DevOps at Xoserve