Dreambox Sky Bouquets on Astra 28.2

I see a fair number of requests for people looking for the bouquets for their dreambox.  The one I published is well out of date, because I use some excellent ones provided by user B16MCC over at the forum.  Have a look at THIS thread, sign-up and say that I sent you πŸ™‚

Sky EPG –> Dreambox Bouquets.

I’ve recently updated the software on the Dreambox and wanted to put an updated Bouquet on there with all the channels lined up in the β€˜sky’ style.  With over 1000 channels to sort through, I thought there had to be an easier way.  Sonic1 over on this forum HERE has put up a massive sorted list of satellite feeds all over Europe and I recommend you use it.  However, if you just want the Sky UK EPG layout only as your bouquets, I’ve reworked it and published it HERE

This is compatible with DreamBoxEdit (v3.0.0 tested) and you will need to update your preferred local BBC and ITV regions as appropriate.  Also, you may need to update the bouquet frequencies and listings if necessary, as they do get changed fairly often.

WeekEPG 3.1 – An Update

Just a brief update to those following my work on WeekEPG and integrating it with MV.  Well, I’ve done a fair bit of work, those useful bits of it published here.  However, the work has been put on hold until we wait to see what BSkyB are doing with their new cards, due in the next month or so.  Initial reports indicate that the replacement cards should work in the dreambox (I bloody hope so – I pay my subscription even though the box sucks!) and that any further work I put into the convertor will not be in vain.   Let me know though if you do any work on the subject in the mean time.

WeekEPG Database Structure

So, I’ve spent some of the weekend figuring out the WeekEPG data structure, based on the files on my dreambox.  Here is a note of my discoveries so far.

Main ‘Config’ Files.

On my dreambox, the main config files are stored in /etc/ and we have:-

  • – Where the channel listings are stored.  Data format seems to be 
    1;2002;BBC 1 London;101;189d:7fd:2
    Scan Enabled (1=Y); Unknown (but suspect its just a unique id);Channel Name; Assigned Channel Number; ServiceID(in Hex):Transponder:NetworkID (2=Sky).
  • – Appears to be a translation table from the binary stream into text.
  • – Theme definition (Kids/Sports e.t.c.)

    Type (Main Theme or SUB theme);Whether Listing is a main or sub theme;Theme Unique ID;Theme Name.

Data Files

Stored in /hdd/weekepg (or where you’ve defined it in the setup).

  • titlesx.gep – Stores the program names, titles e.t.c. Note, there can be numerous ones of these.
    1A660416<>1231680600<>201<> Inside the Bermuda Triangle<>3600<>60
    Unique Program ID <> Time of program start (Unix Time) <> Channel Number (from the def) <> Program Name <> Length in Minutes <> Theme (from
  • summariesx.gep – Stores more detailed descriptions of the program, including summary description. Note, like titlesx, numerous ones of these.
    728056F<>A free holiday to Boston, New York or Barbados, among others, is yours when you book a featured stay and cruise holiday to Orlando and the Caribbean in this great Sky Travel sale offer. 
    Unique Program ID (matches titlex.gep UID) <> Detailed Description (may include subtite, series link and other information at the end of description.

So that’s what I’ve discovered so far about it.  I’m currently writing a PHP loader to import this data into a MySQL database, so that I can then write a further PHP script to be able to publish XMLTV formatted files for interpretation by MV and MythTV.  WeekEPG rocks, but I prefer the interface with MV, and could really use the data within MythTV for the Freesat Channels.