WeekEPG Database Structure

So, I’ve spent some of the weekend figuring out the WeekEPG data structure, based on the files on my dreambox.  Here is a note of my discoveries so far.

Main ‘Config’ Files.

On my dreambox, the main config files are stored in /etc/ and we have:-

  • – Where the channel listings are stored.  Data format seems to be 
    1;2002;BBC 1 London;101;189d:7fd:2
    Scan Enabled (1=Y); Unknown (but suspect its just a unique id);Channel Name; Assigned Channel Number; ServiceID(in Hex):Transponder:NetworkID (2=Sky).
  • – Appears to be a translation table from the binary stream into text.
  • – Theme definition (Kids/Sports e.t.c.)

    Type (Main Theme or SUB theme);Whether Listing is a main or sub theme;Theme Unique ID;Theme Name.

Data Files

Stored in /hdd/weekepg (or where you’ve defined it in the setup).

  • titlesx.gep – Stores the program names, titles e.t.c. Note, there can be numerous ones of these.
    1A660416<>1231680600<>201<> Inside the Bermuda Triangle<>3600<>60
    Unique Program ID <> Time of program start (Unix Time) <> Channel Number (from the def) <> Program Name <> Length in Minutes <> Theme (from
  • summariesx.gep – Stores more detailed descriptions of the program, including summary description. Note, like titlesx, numerous ones of these.
    728056F<>A free holiday to Boston, New York or Barbados, among others, is yours when you book a featured stay and cruise holiday to Orlando and the Caribbean in this great Sky Travel sale offer. 
    Unique Program ID (matches titlex.gep UID) <> Detailed Description (may include subtite, series link and other information at the end of description.

So that’s what I’ve discovered so far about it.  I’m currently writing a PHP loader to import this data into a MySQL database, so that I can then write a further PHP script to be able to publish XMLTV formatted files for interpretation by MV and MythTV.  WeekEPG rocks, but I prefer the interface with MV, and could really use the data within MythTV for the Freesat Channels.