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April 2009

NVidia Cards on Debian (specifically Lenny)

Anyone running Debian Xorg will know that getting accelerated Graphics drivers working (beyond using the nv driver) is more complicated than achieving world piece. I tried the official nvidia drivers, I tried the packages within the repositories, all to no effect.  However, has perfect instructions which worked first time.

Just a bit of detail around my card for reference:

  • Nvidia GeForce 6200 128mb AGP.
  • Debian Lenny (v 2.6.26-1-686)
  • Intel Desktop Mobo (An 82865 IIRC).
  • Gnome Desktop

I hope this is of use to someone, as I lost many an hour trying to get all other instructions working.  Also, for reference,  I gave up trying to get an ancient  Riva TNT2 working, but the 6200 is an excellent upgrade, and pretty cheap too.   It also means I’m able to decommission a PC from the living room, and hopefully I’ll be able to get XBMC compiled and working on it too.

Am I Selfish?

Today I’m having a ‘me’ day – a day with as little contact with others as possible where I just mooch about eating what I want, watching what I want, doing what I want, without having to have a conversation or discussion about it.  Is this selfish of me?

I am happy to be on my own – as an only child, I learned to make my own entertainment and found peace with my own company.   Many people I’ve talked to over the years are surprised by this, but I am more relaxed by myself than I am in the company of others.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy being with others, but I do enjoy those periods of solitude I can occasionally experience.

I think this may be why I enjoy swimming so much.  When you put your head under the water, you cross from the normal world across a boundary layer into the watery world where the normal environment is excluded.  Even in something as man-made as a swimming pool, any sound and vision becomes significantly muted you in your own little world.

As I grow older, through work and home life, the opportunity for this quiet time becomes diminished.  I’m not sad about this, but it does mean that when I’m holiday, I like to take a day’s contemplation time to refresh and renew.   I suspect that over time, even this will be reduced, but so be it.   So I should say it now – farewell solace – you will be missed.

Observances on Driving Technique.

I’ve noticed that round here, people seem to follow a very different highway code, that might perhaps confuse and scare the outsider, so here are some tips for those passing through the English Midlands this Bank Holiday Weekend.

1) When traversing a roundabout taking a right hand exit, be sure to position yourself in the left hand lane when entering the roundabout.

2) When driving be sure to drive up the middle so that you traverse the white dividing line.  This avoids the many potholes and will extend the life of your suspension. This also allows any unexpected bus to undertake you.

3) Indicator usage is frowned upon.  Their usage merely ruins the aesthetics of the vehicle. A crisp packet on the rear parcel shelf is an effective signal of your intentions.

4) When driving at night, be sure to use only your foglights.  If your vehicle does not permit you to use foglights without some other forward lighting, be sure to only use sidelights.

5) If you do not have foglights, kick out one headlamp (preferably on the drivers side) to give the impression to other motorists that you are a motorcycle who is staying within the lane. This will help keep the other driver alert when he approaches and realises that you are both on a collision course.

6) When turning right into a T-Junction, be sure to cross into the lane of any waiting traffic. This encourages other drivers to stay back from the white line and prevent them nosing out into traffic.

7) Queuing is for wimps. Be sure to cut in at the last second!

8) Posted speed limits are minimum targets.  If you fail to exceed this speed in the shortest possible time, you will be signaled by the neighbourhood traffic watch to get out of the way. 

9) Ensure that you do not give way to vehicles on your right when entering a roundabout.  Even if they’re on the roundabout.

10) Petrol Stations are starting to invest in ‘Pay at Pump’ technology.  This device allows outsiders to pay for fuel using pins and chips. You have no purpose being there – queue for your fuel using the other two pumps such that you may pay the attendant using paper money.  If this blocks the road, then so be it!  Also ensure that you use the pump on the opposite side to your vehicles fuel tank such that you spray unused fuel all over the floor.