A series of Unfortunate Events…

By 09/01/2009Cars

This is more of a thread of appreciation than anything else, but needs a bit of background filling.

Last Night going home I suffered a blowout on the motorway.  What happened was the flange or collar on the shock absorber that holds the spring in place appears to have broken, slipped or failed in some other way, causing the spring to drop a few coils down towards the wheel.  This in turn rubbed on the sidewall of the tyre causing it to wear down and eventually pop. 

Anyway,  thinking it was just a burst tyre, I phoned the AA to ask for their assistance (as I understand it, you’re not allowed to change the tyre on a motorway) and was advised that they’d be out within the hour.  30 minutes yerman in his yellow van turned up, and had the wheel changed within 10 min’s, despite his butt being just inches from the 40-ton trucks going past. 

Well, having got the car back to my office on the space saver (luckily it was thin enough to not rub),  our local company service centre was able to organise a tow truck to come and pick it up, and its now gone off upto Aldridge to get fixed, AND they were able to organise a temporary replacement vehicle.

So really this is just a small note of appreciation to both the AA and Interserve Site Services for their expert assistance in getting things sorted out for me!  Top Job Guys!

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