Flawless Apples?

By 07/01/2009Apple

Good news everyone!   Apple are now selling DRM free tunes via iTunes, bringing them in-line with the other competitors in the industry, notably Amazon and 7digital.  Whilst its not the entire back catalogue yet (8 million tracks, out of 10 million), this is a welcome step towards getting rid of DRM.  However its not a total 3d_Apple_Logo_102removal – they’re having multi-tiered approach from now on.  The cheapest tracks will still have some DRM, and the more expensive ones won’t.  Plus, they will be releasing tracks with iTunes Plus format,  a 256kbps AAC format, presumably for the audiophiles.    Oh yes, and another nice feature, the iPhone will now be allowed to download tracks from iTunes via 3G, rather than just wifi – surely a decent step for Apple into the 21st Century?

At the moment, there still seems to be a fair few ifs and buts, however, I shall watch this one with interest.  Whether existing users will choose to pay the extra 20p PER TRACK to upgrade their existing music to DRM free remains to be seen, but this is defiantly a step forward.  Well Done Apple!

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