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OK, so 3.2.1. We’re go. The company that I work for decided last year to take a dip into the murky waters of this crazy Web 2.0 world by offering a more ‘dynamic’ intranet.

So, why this blog? Well, its the current ‘in-thing’ to be able to communicate out musings, ramblings and rants in a free flowing nature. Its my intention to jot down any interesting news, views, discussions that I happen upon. I shall also try to be as unrestrictive with information as possible, but I do have to respect peoples privacy and security, so unless permission is expressly given, names and contact details will be witheld to protect the guilty (or innocent). This blog will feature ‘selected’ highlights that go on my corporate blog, but do not contain sensitive nature.

I am not a professional writer, so I will apologise in advance for SPAG mistakes, but this is supposed to be relativly free-flowing anyway. As per most blogs, feel free to leave your comments (work safe please!).

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