Finally, a pfSense VPN Guide that works!

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I’ve been tinkering with IPSec on pfSense for a while, but struggled to find a solution which worked for a range of devices reliably. Happily, I have found a guide which I’ve tested on Windows, Android and iOS.

So thanks to Kliment Andreev for writing this guide.

The only thing I did have to do (and this may be related to my specific config) but I did have to manually add the IPSec rules to the WAN interface.

pfSense WAN Interface rules for IPSec

Here you can see that I have three rules, one which is the ESP traffic, then two UDP rules, where the destination source port is NAT-T and ISAKMP respectively. Note, NAT-T and ISAKMP are ready created protocols so you don’t have to manually define the port rules.

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