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I’ve been messing around trying to get my HP Slice built with the latest Teams Room System (SRS client) which is billed as an “easy way” to create the requisite recovery/build media for an SRSv2 Environment.

However, it is EXTREMELY picky around the Windows version you build with. This was with the 1909 build from Microsoft, but because there was a patch, the version was different.

Your Windows installation media is version 10.0.18362.592. Your SRSv2 kit requires version 10.0.18362.418.

However, if you’re just doing some testing, you can force overriding the check from within the script relatively quickly.


Open the Powershell script in your favourite editor and find the line

if ($img.Version -ne $KitOsRequired)

and change -ne (not equals) to

if ($img.Version -eq $KitOsRequired)

Which will cause it to fail in the positive and allow you to continue setup.

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