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Last Night, Oasis played the Coventry Ricoh arena and I was there to witness it.  40,000 fans all singing along to Champagne Supernova is truly a sight and sound to behold, and it was definitely worth the £40 a ticket to go.  Having spent my teenage ‘angst’ years listening to their music, in particular their seminal early albums means that they’re one of the top bands on my list of must see’s. 

The complete set-list consisted of ‘Rock N Roll Star, Lyla, Shock Of The Lightning, Roll With It, Cigarettes And Alcohol, To Be Where There’s Life, Waiting For The Rapture, The Masterplan, Songbird, Slide Away, Morning Glory, My Big Mouth, The Importance Of Being Idle, Half The World Away, I’m Outta Time, Wonderwall, Supersonic, Live Forever, Don’t Look Back In Anger, Falling Down, Champagne Supernova and I Am The Walrus’, and most them (apart from the most recent tracks) were all sing your heart out tracks.

Supporting were ‘The Enemy’ who were playing their home gig, and apart from the massive amounts of effing and jeffing (at least two per sentence) were also amazing with all their hits played at full tilt to really get the crowd going.  Also supporting were a new band called ‘Twisted Wheel’ – a Manchester band to keep your eye out for – Oasis on speed is the best way of describing them.  They played Glastonbury a few weeks ago, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the coming years.

All in all, an excellent tour, and if you can get tickets to the Wembley shows in the next few days, do so – truly amazing stuff.

But to go back to the point of ‘must-see’s’,   I’ve had a discussion with a number of people as to who should also join that list.  The main one on my list would be Pink Floyd, but that’s never going to happen.  I also had a suggestion of U2, but I’ve never been that bothered about their music.  Pendulum look and sound good from what I’ve seen, but I don’t think their crowd is my crowd, and the same for Prodigy.  I saw Bon Jovi at the Ricoh last year and they were fantastic, so that would be worth a revisit, but I think the only other one on my list at the moment are the ‘Foo Fighters’ if they ever play the UK again.  And OASIS again, unless the split rumours come true.    So further suggestions please? 🙂

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