My Bargain of the Century…

IBLIKWIFI_large1_thumb_07EFC687I popped into my local Curry’s last night to look at headphones (see my previous thread on this topic) and whilst perusing the many isles where they store them, I happened to note the DAB radio section, and specifically the DAB/Wifi radio section, where upon I glanced upon the product you see on the right.

Its a Revo iblik wifi and its a clock radio that does…  FM, DAB, Internet Radio, Podcasts, UPnP media streaming, iPod dock and generic MP3 support.

Now, I’ve not got an iPod (having a deep mistrust of Apple products), but I have got access to all of the others.  And I have to say its amazing – rapid to setup, easy to use, excellent sound from something so small, it doesn’t look like a toaster or something from the 1950’s (why do DAB radio’s seem to have this requirement?) and works (so far) flawlessly.  I suppose that it shouldn’t be surprising how good it is when it retails at for £169.99.  Which is why its a bargain when I picked up an ex demo unit for just £29.99. Unboxed, it was just the unit & the power wart, where as the boxed unit comes with…  A box,  remote control, stereo cable and manuals.  Well, the box goes straight in the bin anyway, the manual’s are available online, I’ve got stereo cables knocking around and the remote can be bought for the princely sum of £10 from the manufacturer’s website, should I feel the need to be able to control my alarm clock from the bed with a remote rather than having to reach my arm to tweak it.

And it seems like a good investment – the Government seem to be pushing to take the FM frequencies off the BBC and force them to use DAB only (more on the Digital Britain report later), but not only do I get local radio, but I can listen to radio you might not normally hear – last night I listened to RTL Germany,  the Sacramento fire department and the Atlantic radar control.  Amazing stuff, and recommended if you can find it at 1/5th the price it should be!

Oh yes, and I didn’t pickup any headphones. 🙂

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