I’m almost Physically Excited….

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Last Night in the great city of L.A. Microsoft’s Xbox division treated us to upcoming releases for the Xbox360, and I’m so chuffed that that was the platform I bought into.

They’ve got some great stuff lined up – in the games category, they’ve announced Forza Motorsport 3, Metal Gear Solid,  Final Fantasty XIII (Release shedule), DJ Hero and Beatles Rock Band amongst others.  These are all massive franchises, and quite a coo to Microsoft to be bringing MGS to the 360 when it has traditionally been a Sony exclusive. Some of the above arn’t exclusives but they’re still exciting non the less. Plus, the big announcement of a motion ‘controller’ in the guise of Project Natal – A camera/motion sensor that allows you to participate in games like the old PS2 eye-toy of old, but in a HD style.  Plus, as well as the camera, it has voice recognition to allow you interact with the screen for example, playing a painting game you can ‘say’ the colour you wish to use then draw with it in your hands.  It doesn’t sound much but looks v.exciting.

As well as games, Microsoft seem to be bringing a lot more other functionality – you may have already read about Sky ‘Anytime’ coming to the 360 which is amazing, but they’re also bringing last.fm integration, Twitter and Facebook XBL plugins plus downloadable full retail xbox 360 games.

All in all, that is an amazing featureset coming up, and its not even covering everything all the external developers are doing.  Exciting times, and whilst I’m sure Playstation will be doing their bit,  I’m not certain that Nintendo will have much to offer from their Wii.

PS, if any of you are on XBL or Connect24, let me know your ID’s – maybe we can game sometime?

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