Wiimbledon 2009

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OK – Great new Charity Idea for 2009 – The All Office Yawn Tennis Association Wii Championship Tournament.

A series of 16 or 32 draw competitions in the events ‘Mens Singles, Ladies Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles’  taking part during the two weeks of Wimbledon, using the tennis game on the Nintendo Wii game, Wii Sports.  Each stage of each tournament will use the ‘best-of-five’ rules, with the finals being the ‘best-of-five’ x 3 round.  The Winner(s) of each round go forward to play another winner from that round, until it is whittled down to entrants battling it out for a small prize.

Each player donates a nominal £2 for charity(e.g. £4 to enter a team in the doubles events), plus spectators would be asked to make a small contribution.

The competition to be held in the office and will require a Nintendo Wii hooked upto a projector or TV,  upto 4 WiiMotes and the associated score chart, and open to anyone wishing to participate where there are spaces to participate.

What do people think?  Great idea???  And there’s no reason why other offices and departments couldn’t run similar tournaments across the country, perhaps even with the winners from each one taking part in a Wall star’s Exhibition Tournament 🙂

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