Or so some newspapers would have you believe.   A story crept into the media on Friday basically saying that people  who use social networking sites were at a higher risk of cancer.

A UK Boffin has conducted a study and published it in the Biologist (the journal for the British institute of Biology) which has found a link between social-isolation and an increased risk from cancer, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, influenza, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and the common cold.

This has been attributed to people using Facespacewitterbo to interact, rather than gathering together to ‘network’.  Research has shown that isolation can impaire the the development of leukocytes which help fight disease by circulating around your body.   Really though,  other than panicking,  perhaps we should all just calm down.  It should be no surprise if you spend your entire time sat on your butt, eating high-fat, high-sugar diets that you may die earlier.  But hey,  in other research,  living life will induce death.   Non of us know when our ticket is called, so we may as well just get on with enjoying whatever we enjoy doing, as you don’t know when its going to end.

In related news, common sense issued a statement  – "Don’t Panic".

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