Over the past couple of working days, I’ve been doing some research into some data visualisation techniques to help improve our understanding of some telecom’s expense information for a review we’re conducting.  I’m looking at radial graphs and whilst search, came upon Nexus Friend Grapher which is a pretty funky looking friend mapper for Facebook.

Fullscreen capture 16022009 160639

Basically, you feed in your Facebook profile and it spits out a graph similar to the above showing your friends and how they link with each other.  The above graph is using ‘random’ data, rather than my actual profile, and shows that my friend groups are split into 3 or 4 distinct groups, rather than mostly being merged as above.   Now all I need is for them to port it to Twitter!

I’d urge anyone on Facebook to give it a go when they’re at home,  it might reveal some interesting graphics!

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