Tis the Season…

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I love this time in mid February when all the mobile phone manufacturers get together in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress,  their ‘trade fair’ where they get to demonstrate their lovely new wares for the year ahead.

My favourite manufacturer HTC held its press conference this morning, and as ever, they’re certainly setting an example to the other manufacturers. 


First off is the HTC Touch Pro2 featuring 3.6" 800×400 screen, 512mb ROM, 288 RAM and a 3.2mp camera.  One feature which sounds cool, but we’ll see what its like in operation, is the Speakerphone, which automatically turns itself on when you flip the phone whoops upside down its head.  This seems to be the flash business phone,  where as the


HTC Touch Diamond2 – an evolution of the existing Touch Diamond.  This time around, its got a 800×480 screen, 5mp camera and the same 512mb ROM/288mb RAM as its bigger brother, the Touch Pro2.

Which is annoying, because Id decided on the HTC Touch HD, but now I can’t see how that model fits in with the current lineup.  I’ll have to wait and see which one, T-Mobile (my current phone vendor) offers in the next few months.

Also coming up this afternoon from the MWC is the Windows Mobile 6.5 official announcement (hopefully).

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