Over the last few weeks of Twitter usage, I’ve noticed one thing – those that get it, and those that don’t. I’ve also noticed their usage profile.

Those that get it,  which I will call ‘Twitter Swimmers’ tend to be those who take a regular active part in the Twittersphere.  We tend to access it throughout the day, tweeting and responding to tweets.  TS’s tend to follow lots of people, and hence gain a core of followers from that.   We use different access methods – web, desktop and mobile,  and happily promote it to their friends, colleagues and contacts.

The ‘Twitter Dippers’ however, tend to sign up,  perhaps post a few tweets, follow a couple of people, then give up wondering what all the fuss is about.   I don’t think Twitter has the instant gratification that maybe Facebook instils.  I was a ‘TD’, dipping my toe in the water, not seeing the point of it.  But then I revisited a month or so later, and now I’m addicted!!!    So anyone in the TD category,  try some of the TS activities,  stick with it for a few weeks,  and you may just get hooked.

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